11 de noviembre de 2009


Recently I've been thinking and trying to figure out why Madrid, if it is considered as a big capital, as a cosmopolitan city and all that stuff, doesn't have a big streetstyle site such as stilinberlin, stockholmstreetstyle and so on. Due to my job as a P.Shopper I spend most of the time on the street, looking for clothes for clients or scouting new stores, and I have to say that the "fashionable" people in Madrid are well hidden. You can find them, but you have to make an effort looking for them, it's definetely not like in NY or London, where you find stylish people in every corner. Is it due to our personality? due to our recent history? Aren't we brave enough to dare with new trends? I just give you a simple example: I'm going crazy looking for a pair of lace boots in Madrid. They haven't arrived here yet. You're lucky Swedish people. Long life to Din Sko and Gina Tricot

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Chic Too Chic dijo...

Gracias por el comentario que has dejado en el blog...
Espero que te haya gustado... Y tienes toda la razón, aqui es muy dificil, la calle en madrid se presta muy poco... no hay mas que salir y verlo. ero se encuentra, se encuentar, hay gente con mucho talento, y están tras cualquier esquina. ;)
(Es un placer haber descubierto tu blog)
Un beso fuerte...

Fernando - ChicTooChic

.:PGdeR:. dijo...

And you are right once again! but is people like you, that make the difference!! so keep it up!