15 de diciembre de 2009


I don't know when I ran out of inspiration. Right now I don't have anything special to show to the world (if I ever had something). I wander from here to there, trying to get some work, trying to get a life,making efforts to keep doing what I want to do... you know, the usual.

I'm bored, maybe I should move to somewhere else, any suggestions?

4 comentarios:

The Starving Stylist dijo...

If I could pack my bags and move anywhere right now, it would definitely be New York City!


Silvicious dijo...

I couldn't agree more. NY right away!!!

Tzoules dijo...

Good work.

visist&follow me.

have a good christmas time.

Ligeia dijo...

Everyone feels like that from time to time, specially in winter when everything is so dark and moody (except Cortilandia of course!!)

I would move to Paris if I could, dreaming is free ^-^