8 de diciembre de 2009


The sorites paradox is the name given to a class of paradoxical arguments, also known as little-by-little arguments, which arise as a result of the indeterminacy surrounding limits of application of the predicates involved (sounds boring, but please keep reading)

For example, the concept of a heap appears to lack sharp boundaries and, as a consequence of the subsequent indeterminacy surrounding the extension of the predicate ‘is a heap’, no one grain of wheat can be identified as making the difference between being a heap and not being a heap.

Given then that one grain of wheat does not make a heap, it would seem to follow that two do not, thus three do not, and so on. In the end it would appear that no amount of wheat can make a heap. We are faced with paradox since from apparently true premises by seemingly uncontroversial reasoning we arrive at an apparently false conclusion.

(Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy)

We were ashamed to eat the last piece of cake that was left, so each of us cut a small piece, which was cut in another two small pieces, and these two pieces in other four pieces, and so on to infinity (what, according to the sorites paradox, means that the cake doesn't exist at all). This happens when you are in a birthday party full of philosophers.

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