17 de enero de 2010


After the big success of my interview on the radio today (I'll try to upload the podcast asap) I decided to invite my sister to... chinese? thai? japanese? "food"? Anyway, it was like a bad mix of the worst sushi bar and the worst indian food street stand, totally uneatable (does this word exist, or am I being too creative with the language of shakespeare?). Luckily (hoho) there were fortune cookies. I was expecting some advice about life or something beautiful but unuseful, but instead I found this:

"En tu próximo pedido, el segundo menú a mitad de precio" (Half price on the second menu)
Yeah, thanks, bless my fortune... You'll have to pay me if you want me to try this again.

So I decided to create my own fortune cookie:

" You'll never know what he's thinking, so stop trying"

Dedicated to all of you girls!

Fun Fun Fun

3 comentarios:

. dijo...

hahaha, eres un caso, ya sabes, next time, mejicano, ayer estube en http://www.lapanzaesprimero.com/
y me gusto bastante! xx

isabella thordsen dijo...

lovely blog!


Ligeia dijo...

me encanta lo de "comida"?? :D

vaya con las galletitas de la suerte, cada vez están más mercantilizadas xD

un besote bonita!